Mountain Oak Outfitters 2015
Bear Hunt Summary

  What a year! We welcomed the early arrival of spring in 2015 with open arms. The snow was gone by the middle of April and we were able to get into the woods to start our preparation for the spring hunt. The river level had subsided to a point that it made it possible for us to cross it and get all of our baits up and running at the same time. The first week of hunting began on May 4 with three long time clients returning to try their luck at harvesting another record book bear. The bear activity started a little slower than we are used to, but continued to pick up as the week went on. By the end of the week we had harvested two bears that weighed 260lbs & 265lbs, both with head measurements that were above the P&Y standard. The third hunter missed an opportunity and then decided to pass on all the other bears that were presented to him. Our second group of hunters were set to enter the woods on May 11. This group consisted of one returning client that had decided to bring some family and friends along for the excitement of a spring hunt at Mountain oak outfitters. By the end of the week we had seen a total of 57 bears, harvested 3 and had two hunters wondering where their aim had gone. The biggest bear of the week was taken by a bow hunter that was on his first bear hunt. His bear weighed in at 485lbs. with a rough head measurement of 20.5 inches. During the third week we welcomed a group of hunters that had travelled from Kansas to be with us for the first time. By the end of the second day 4 bears had passed through our skinning shed. The final bear of the week was harvested on day 4 after he had seen a total of 21 bears. The theme for the week was colored bears. There were two blonds and a cinnamon taken with one of the blonds weighing 300lbs. A group of friends from Pennsylvania joined us for the fourth week of our spring hunt. They were accompanied by our long-time friend Joe Perish for his 15th bear hunt with us. Fast and furious was their moto. There were three bears harvested on Monday night and then two more on Wednesday night. Joe picked up another colored bear for his home and another beautiful cinnamon was also taken by one of the PA. boy’s. There were also two more bears that scored above the P&Y standard.

They all enjoyed fishing for walleye and northern pike at some of the nearby rivers for the remainder of the week. Week five brought a husband and wife from Wisconsin, she was hunting and he was videoing, a returning client of 13 years from MN. plus a traditional muzzleloader hunter from N.D. that had built his own muzzleloader. It was another week for colored bears. There was a blond and cinnamon taken along with a 330lb black by the muzzleloader hunter. They hunted for two evening and the bear sightings added up to 28.

   The remainder of our allocated licenses were used for a one week fall hunt. Everyone in this group had hunted with us before and they knew to be ready when the hunting started on Aug. 31. The first night out one of the guys arrowed a 454lb black and another guy missed his chance at a big one that showed up at his bait. On day two we missed another big boy but managed to get a 350lb cinnamon on day three. Day four gave us a 220lb black, and then we rounded out the week with a beautiful chocolate bear on day 5. The total bear sighting for the week ended up at 68 bears. Not a bad total for a few days of hunting. With the number of bears we saw and the size of the bears we saw, I wasn’t very surprised when this group booked another fall hunt for 2017.

  Hopefully this will give you some idea of what this area has to offer for bear hunters. I know my opinion is biased but I truly believe that this region holds the best bear hunting opportunities in Canada. Our 2016 bear hunts have all been sold and we are now booking the 2017 hunts. Thank you for all the interest everyone has shown and for all the good times we have had with the people that hunted with us over the sixteen years that we have been in business.    Blair

Opportunity: 100%           Success: 88%

Black: 12,   Chocolate: 2,   Cinnamon: 4,   Blond: 3,   Dirty blond: 1

AT OR ABOVE P&Y STANDARDS: 10 bears ( 45% )                                                
There will be fourteen foot aluminum boat available for self-guided fishing on nearby Lake Dauphin in 2017.