Guided Black Bear Hunting in Manitoba

Manitoba Canada has some of the best black bear hunting in North America, and Riding Mountain National Park is renowned to have some of the largest black bears in the world, along with the highest black bear density in Canada. Our hunting guides have more than 20 years experience hunting the boundary of Riding Mountain National Park, for these huge, color phase black bear, and offer you the greatest chance of a successful bear hunt.

Black bears in Manitoba come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from jet black to almost white. There have been some bears harvested which carry a blend of three different colors. If you are looking for an awesome and unique black bear hide, these multi colored bears are the ones to look for. Our spring black bear hunting, starts the beginning of May and usually runs for five weeks. We also run a fall bear hunt, which starts at the beginning of September and lasts for two weeks. Black Bear hunters are provided with pre-baited, tree stands, known to be active, transportation to and from hunting sites, game retrieval, skinning and quartering of the animal. We also have freezing facilities to preserve your hide and meat.
Bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunters are all welcome in our bear hunting camp.

Manitoba Black Bears are some of the largest in the world. Rivaling Alaskan Black Bears

The Bears of Riding Mountain National Park


Hunting for black bear, from one of our baited tree stands is comfortable and safe. Each bait site is supplied with either a portable stand or a ladder stand. Ladder stands are 15 feet high, all metal construction with armrests. Portable stands have larger platforms than most. Safety belts are supplied, or feel free to bring your own. The tree stands are located 13-20 yards from the bear bait.


Our bear hunting area is spread out over twenty five miles. With many baited areas only 100 yards from the Riding Mountain National Park boundary. Black bears use the park line as a major travel route. Because of this proximity to the bear trails we are able to pull high numbers of black bear out of the park into our bait locations.


  • Daily baiting by your guide
  • Transportation to and from stands
  • Game retrieval
  • Skinning and quartering
  • Freezing of the hide, head and meat

Bear Hunting Magazine's, Jon Lueck -- wrote about Mountain Oak Outfitters...

Our outfitter, Blair Hopfner, runs a great service and really did all we could have asked for in both the spring and fall ...... It was great to see an outfitter really working for his clients.....This was the first guided bear hunt I had been on, seeing and knowing how much work and effort it takes to have multiple active bait sites gave me a new appreciation for the cost of a quality outfitter.

We had talked with several outfitters before making a decision to hunt with Mountain Oak Outfitters. Blair was up-front and honest about his operation and what he had to offer, he was not just trying to sell us a hunt. We also spoke to others that had hunted with him and they all gave him the thumbs up. Many of his previous hunters were booking another hunt and all had several opportunities at a good bear.....

Not only is there a lot of really big bears. We were confident that we would have an opportunity at a Pope & Young Class bear.........The areas he hunts has plenty of bears, and lots of different color phases.....Of the 26 hunters ... 19 bears were taken....9 WERE LARGE ENOUGH FOR POPE & YOUNG. The largest bear taken was in the spring and measured 8-ft. 2-inches long, weighed in at 453 lbs. and had a 20 9/16" skull.

As Jeff and I traveled home we were both very pleased with the hunt and our opportunities at bears. The accommodations were great and our guides were truly working to get us opportunities at bear. We also discussed our fall schedules and how we both would like to return for a fall bear hunt.

RETURN TO MOUNTAIN OAK by Jeffrey Folsom-- here is what he wrote...

The leaves were starting to change color as we departed Manitoba with our hunting gear stacked high and coolers stuffed with bear meat and hides. It had been a great week, and we were still recalling the memories of each day's hunt as we drove away. There were five of us on this trip to Mountain Oak Outfitters. Jon and I had been there on two previous bear hunts and we decided this was a great place for us to take some family members. We had planned this hunt a year and a half ago and were excited to share the thrill of bear hunting with others. We had seen nearly 80 bears, and each of us was going home with a bear and a story.

I was after my first color-phase bear and knew this was a great area to see them.

Jon and I had seen six different bears and had an entire 15 minutes without seeing a bear the first day; all were in the 180-225 pound range.

My dad and brother also saw bears and my brother was wondering where all the black bears were as he only saw color-phase bears. We saw nine bears that day and seven were at the bait site at one time.

Jon and I could not have planned for a much better trip and knew we would all have opportunities at Mountain Oak Outfitters, which is why we keep going back. Hopefully, we can get Jon's brother on a hunt in the near future and share in his excitement as well.

Canada Bear Hunts

Canada has some of the best bear hunting in the world.  World renowed for its species, Canadian Bears are amoung the most popular of the hunters.  With large amounts throughout Canada, with some Provinces that have the environment for them to flurish. Hunters time and time again, come back to this country, as well as locals to take part year after year for the hunt.

Black Bear hunting in Canada is rapidly becoming a hot bed for hunters from all round the world. The chance to see one and have oportunity to get one, the odds are in your favour.  Mountain Oak Outfitters, black bear hunting outfitters can make your dream come true, to the best of there ability.

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