Black Bear Hunts - Successful Tips

Black bear hunts are exciting. They are the best introduction to big game hunting. Hunting a black bear requires you to use the skills you have learned so far, but with much higher stakes. Canada is the best place to conduct black bear hunts. Plus, there are lots of black bear hunting outfitters who can guide you on how to get your first big trophy kill.

When it comes to black bear hunts, you need to be unseen, not smelled, and unheard by the bear. They can be startled easily, which might make your hunting trip an unsuccessful one. In order to land that trophy kill, below are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind.

Staying Out of Sight during Black Bear Hunts

Black bears have good eye sight, which is similar to that of humans. And they can identify unnatural patterns and colors. That means you need to use the right camouflage during Canada bear hunts. If there are coniferous trees in the area, then your camouflage must include pine bark and pine needles. Black bear hunting outfitters can help you decide what type of camouflage you need to use for your hunting trip.

Aside from using the right camouflage, you also need to master being motionless. Even if you are wearing the right camouflage, you can still startle the black bear if you keep on moving.

Although a bears eyesight isn't good, they can still identify unnatural patterns & colors.

Canada Bear Hunts - Noise can make or break a hunt

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to remain as silent as possible. Bears have hearing that is four times that of humans. Black bears also have a wider frequency range. That means that not only hear sound farther than human, but they can also hear lower and higher pitches than what human ears can hear.

You might think that you are quietly waiting for your bear, but in reality, one might have already heard you from afar. Black bears can hear the rustling of the leaves, your clothes, or any of your hunting gears. It is important to try to keep perfectly still during black bear hunts so that you can keep your noise levels as low as possible.

Black bear Hunting Outfitters

Another factor that you need to consider during Canada bear hunts is your scent. Their sense of smell is more than 2,000 times stronger than that of humans. They have more olfactory receptors than a bloodhound.

These are the tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to have successful black bear hunts. And if you need expert guides, contact Mountain Oak Outfitters. We are one of the top black bear hunting outfitters in Canada.

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